iamamara 15

My name is Amara Marafioti and I’m 20 years old and based in Adelaide. I am currently studying a Bachelor of Social Work at UniSA and am trying to get my art out there at the same time! I love to dance and am a very sporty person who loves to stay busy and active all the time, while living a healthy lifestyle! I have no larger passion than art – I’ve always been inspired by other artists around me from a young age and love the ones that go unnoticed – e.g. street artists.

I am really inspired by bright and vibrant colours and patterns; this showcases throughout my artwork when I splash colour against led and when I create different patterns with diverse colours. My artwork is generally portraits of models and people I find stimulating and interesting to observe – all people have different features to make them beautiful, such as: freckles, dimples, long hair, short hair ect. So I love to incorporate this into my work.

I have experimented with many different medias and know how to blend them together (paint, pastel, pencil, lino). In saying this however, the style of my artwork which most represents me as an individual artist is the led sketches with splashes of watercolour. I love the look of these two medias together as when they hit the paper, they look so realistic and have such soft exposure.

My favourite artwork was inspired by a Samantha Wills advertisement, which sported the model Mathilda Bernmark. Even though it’s just a simple image of her wearing Samantha Wills jewellery, the way I have captured every shadow and light within the image shocks me! I can’t believe it’s my own work and I underestimate myself sometimes! The light baby pink blush painted on her cheeks gives the painting a sense of innocence and that’s what I love the most!

My drawings can take around 10–15 hours to create, depending on the selected media; I usually sit in my home studio from afternoon till the early hours of the morning to get an A3 size done! I loose track of time and forget everything for a while – it’s bliss!

I am just starting up so many people purchase my artwork via Facebook and Instagram, and I also gain exposure from showcasing my work at art shows and exhibitions. However in 10 years I hope that when people buy my artwork, that they aren’t just buying it because it looks good, but because they are able to recognise the artist behind it.


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